Disclaimers & Resources

Disclaimers and Disclosures


Although I am an attorney and a retired judge, I will not act as your advocate. My client is the relationship – and I am there to facilitate healthy and informed solutions that are good for your relationship and hopefully a positive transformational change in that relationship. As a professional, I am a neutral player and will not take sides no matter the level of discourse. I will encourage each party to speak their mind and advocate for themselves.  If I don’t see that happening, or the conversation seems non- productive, or I have a sense of difficulty in communicating, I will at times meet with the parties individually. What I learn in separate sessions is not held confidential to that party, unless I am asked not to share it, in which case I will not disclose.


I am the sole proprietor of a mediation company, Just Resolutions Group, LLC.  I am a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar of California (SB # 121497). I am not a family law attorney.  I am most experienced as a civil trial attorney, meaning I have represented people in an array of legal disputes, both defendants, and plaintiffs. Mediators are not licensed by the state, and I am not required to have a license to provide communication counseling to my mediation clients.


I am a psychologist, having completed my doctoral education and pre-doc internship which was conferred as of July 31, 2015. I am not a licensed clinical psychologist, but am registered as a psychological assistant (PA) in the meantime and my clinical psychology practice is supervised by a licensed psychologist until I sit for my licensing exams. I will not speak about or identify you as clients of mine without your permission in writing.


Divorce/Family Law Mediation Resources:


Most counties in California have a Family Law Facilitator located at the county Superior Court. Below is a list of resources that you may find helpful in researching the process of divorce  and settlement in your county. Each of the local sites will also have forms you will need if you are filing for divorce or supplementing your documents already on file. The Sacramento County Library is a wealth of information on legal matters in general.  Mediators do not give legal advice and neither do any of sites, but they will and I can guide you along if you need assistance.


Website Resources



California Courts: www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp

Legal Document Assistants: www.calda.org

Nolo Press: htty//www/nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/family-law-divorce

Judicial Council Forms: (required, provides instruction and is easier than you think): www.courts.ca.gov/forms.htm





Sonoma Court: www.sonomasuperiorcourt.com

Napa Court: www.napasuperiorcourt.com

Marin Court: www.marinsuperiorcourt.com

Solano Court: www.solanosuperiorcourt.com


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